A UNION AT PECKHAM! United Peckham Employees Association!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Workers at Peckham Vocational Industries are trying to organize an independent union. The creeps who run Peckham have launched an anti-union campaign to stop them, including spreading lies and rumors that union organizers are threatening co-workers. This is totally made-up bullshit, otherwise they would be filing criminal charges instead of spreading lies. How you can help: contact peckham managers and demand that they stop their anti-union/anti-worker activity and STOP HARASSING UNION ORGANIZERS! LET YOUR PEOPLE CHOOSE!

Phone: 517-316-4000

Email: mtomlinson@peckham.org

Fax: 517-3i6-4490

UPDATE April 11, 2011: Peckham management have increased their harassment of workers. They are fighting this organizing effort the same way any sweatshop would, and with as little regard for ethics or decency. Your help in exposing their actions is critical to the future of the garment workers at Peckham Inc. Please call or email the above number and addresses. If you are a member of a union or civic group please have them send a letter to the Peckham bosses expressing your support for the United Peckham Employees Association. send to: Mitch Tomlinson, CEO, Peckham Vocational Industries, 3510 Capitol City Blvd., Lansing MI 48906-2102


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