NLRB Issues Charges Against Peckham Vocational Industries Inc.

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

On July 19, the National Labor Relations Board issued formal charges against Peckham Vocational Industries for their violations of workers legal rights. The charges specifically allege that Peckham managers spied on union organizers and threatened closure of the facility if workers decided to join the union. Fifteen (15) Peckham managers are mentioned by name in the charges.

 Peckham doesn’t bother to deny that they committed most of the acts referenced in the charges, instead they claim that the laws in question to do not apply to them. From their response: They “deny as untrue that these allegations relate to or that the acts involve any person who was or is an employee…” 

Their claim that no one involved is an “employee” is only further evidence of the cynicism of Peckham managers. The men and women involved are paid an hourly wage, are subject to the same federal, state, and local deductions as any other worker, can receive workman’s comp if injured on the job, can receive unemployment if laid-off…how can people who aren’t “employees” receive “unemployment”? Why does the company have workman’s comp insurance if they don’t employ anyone? How could a boss fire or lay off someone who isn’t an employee?


In fact there is no question that the workers at Peckham are employees. The NLRB clearly recognizes this or they wouldn’t have bothered to issue these charges. Peckham managers are pretending they aren’t for the sole purpose of denying Peckhamn workers the same rights as any other worker. It is just a continuation of the policy of segregation and exploitation that has made Peckham so very wealthy over the last few years, and has been a cornerstone of the sheltered workshop system since its beginning.

 It has to stop. We ask that you call, email or fax Peckham Vocational Industries CEO Mitchell Tomlinson and demand that he make a settlement of the charges, rehire terminated union organizers, and allow United Peckham Employees Association to represent the workers at Peckham Vocational Industries!


Phone: 517-316-4000

Fax: 517-316-4490


United Peckham Employees Association is an independent union of hourly workers at Peckham Vocational Industries. 


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