Republicans Stomp Democracy Into the Dirt

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Republican scumIn Michigan representative democracy exists only in the past. The Republican Party has subverted the very idea of democracy, turned it into a joke they smirk and laugh about.
In the Michigan State House the Republicans hold the majority of the power and represent a minority of the population:
59 Republican representatives hold power in the name of 46% of the state population.
51 Democrat representatives are a powerless minority, yet represent 53% of the state population.
The corruption couldn’t be more obvious and more shameless. And the same situation holds true in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, where Republicans have seized power while representing a minority of the population. This is a procedural coup on the part of the Republicans, a greedy power grab by a selfish and sickening group of scum who no longer deserve the right to participate in elections. The Republican Party must be destroyed.


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