Lansing Workers Center

About us:

The Lansing Workers’ Center was created by a coalition of community activists, union members, Michigan People’s Action (MPA) and the NorthStar Center to support workers in their daily struggles on the job and in the community.

Our mission:

The Lansing Workers’ Center will provide a vehicle for working people to develop a sense of their own power to bring about social change. This will be done within the framework of a self-managed organization based on direct democracy. The goal of the Workers’ Center is to build class consciousness and class solidarity as the means by which working people can improve their living conditions and gain a deeper understanding of the social system we live in.

What is a Workers’ Center?:

Worker centers are independent community organizations that build collective support for individual workers (and groups of workers) who are dealing with the corruption of the current system.  The impact of this corruption is felt most by those pushed to the bottom of the system, and that is where workers centers can the most good: among the lowest-waged, economically stressed working people, for whom wage theft and other abuses can mean catastrophe.


The Lansing Workers’ Center is a solidarity-based organization and membership is open to all. Membership dues are $4/month or $40/year and due on the first of every month. Scholarships are available for those interested in membership but unable to pay.

Benefits of Membership:

* Opportunities to volunteer at the Center and in direct action activities to support other workers.

* Educational opportunities in training and leadership development.

* Learn skills to protect yourself and defend others in the workplace.

* Join in solidarity with others to help secure possible wage recovery for affected workers.

Location and Contact:

Contact us:

Phone: (517) 342-6435

E-mail: Lansing Workers Center

Meetings: Call for meeting information

Lansing Workers Center
909 West Saginaw St
Lansing MI 48915