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909 West Saginaw Street, Lansing 48915


new location 1LWC2LWC5LWC has been wandering loose since we lost our space in the Northstar Center in 2012. As of April 2013, we have a new space! It needs a LOT of work, but we’ve finished the hardest parts (plumbing and electrical). We still need to make roof repairs, install a new ceiling, turn a second bathroom into a kitchen area, etc etc etc…but we will get it done! We will have a grand re-opening in late May. But as of the first Tuesday of May, ( May 7), our regular Tuesday meetings will be at the new location. 7pm (call 342-6435 for info).


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General Strike
“Sartana: Yes, I am a woman of the law. And there are lots of laws. But if they don’t offer us justice, then they aren’t laws! They are just lines drawn in the sand by men who would stand on your back for power and glory.” – — Machete
It’s here, now. We have taken enough, it’s time to starting hitting back: a nationwide general strike of all workers; union, non-union, full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary, ALL workers. A strike organized and operated by rank-and-file working people. We cannot wait for the leaders of the unions to do this. They wrapped in a legal web that they cannot escape. If this is to happen, and this needs to happen, it will the brothers and sisters of the working class that do it.
Suggested date: July 14, 2013. July 14 is the date of the start of the Great Railway Strike of 1877, also known as the Great Uprising, Great Upheaval, etc. It was a national strike launched by a beaten labor movement, and the majority of the strikers were not union members. It shocked the nation to its core, and was the foundation of the great labor upsurge of the late 19th century.
The strike will be organized on the ground at local towns and cities. It will include HARD picket lines (lines scabs CANNOT cross because we won’t let them); the goal will be to disrupt commerce for the space of ONE WEEK, from Sunday, July 14 to Sunday July 21. (this is just my suggestion; better ideas may be proposed in future discussion).
If you think this is what we need to do, pass this around, share with all working people you know. If people want to work on organizing this, or just discuss the possibilities, contact: Lansing Workers Center, Lworkerscenter@gmail.com or call 517-342-6435 (message phone).

The Parade of Horribles!

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Timothy J. Bos, without costume

Timothy J. Bos, without costume

Tim Bos, age 56, of Waterford, Michigan; leader of the state teatard organization and pus-filled advocate of “right-to-freeload”. On his personal page Timothy lists his interests as: “Border security, gun rights and free enterprise”. A founding member of the “Freedom to Work” freeloader group, a former UAW member and current member of Pipefitters Union, Tim Bos represents everything that is wrong with anything you might think of.
At the anti-RTW rally on Dec. 11, 2012, Bos was on the capitol lawn in a suit and tie, telling everyone that he was a “union member who supports right-to-work”. We told him he was no union member; he was just a SCAB waiting for a picket line to cross.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tim.bos.73
Home Address: Timothy J.Bos, 870 Lochaven Rd., Waterford, Michigan 48327
Tim attacks Lansing Workers Center on the Mackinac Center web page regarding the United Peckham organizing campaign:
“And isn’t it so true to form that a socialist group like the Lansing Workers Center is right there to take advantage of these people, and all for their stated goal of achieving social change, class consciousness, and protecting against “wage theft”- for a nominal monthly fee.
What a wonderful mixture of socialists, thieves, and thugs to descend upon these folks like cockroaches- to improve upon the life the clients are heroically trying to overcome without a single request for help from these frauds.” (http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/16967)
Please feel free to contact Timmy and share your thoughts. LWC members will again be descending upon Peckham “like cockroaches” this spring; you can let him know that we’d love to see him!

Tim Bos in costume Timothy J. Bos, in costume

Republican scumIn Michigan representative democracy exists only in the past. The Republican Party has subverted the very idea of democracy, turned it into a joke they smirk and laugh about.
In the Michigan State House the Republicans hold the majority of the power and represent a minority of the population:
59 Republican representatives hold power in the name of 46% of the state population.
51 Democrat representatives are a powerless minority, yet represent 53% of the state population.
The corruption couldn’t be more obvious and more shameless. And the same situation holds true in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, where Republicans have seized power while representing a minority of the population. This is a procedural coup on the part of the Republicans, a greedy power grab by a selfish and sickening group of scum who no longer deserve the right to participate in elections. The Republican Party must be destroyed.

general strike5

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deadbeat corporatoins

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